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Karik Systems recognizes that all businesses can have a direct or indirect impact on their local, regional, and global environment. As a result Karik Systems has developed a Green Policy in order to minimize their environmental impact.


To encourage employees to reduce fuel consumption and corporate carbon emissions, Karik has implemented telecommuting and carpooling policies.

Reduce Product Packaging

Shipping products requiring plastic or Styrofoam packaging has been reduced; this is a small contribution to reducing overfilling of landfills.

Efficient Use of Energy
Karik and its staff use and purchase energy star-compliant hardware whenever possible.

All employees are encouraged to reuse paper where appropriate refurbished equipment or parts are considered.

Electronic Waste

Electronic waste, or e-waste, recycling programs were developed to address the critical need to dispose of electronic and computer technologies in ways that address the significant impact they have on the environment. Our refurbishing policies extend the use of existing equipment and procurement preferences for technology suppliers. We work with private recyclers whom offer a variety of recycling services that complies with both governmental regulations and supports corporate ethical standards.

Spread the Word
We will communicate this policy of responsible environmental management to all our employees by providing the necessary training in all applicable procedures and practices, by informing suppliers of our environmental policy and encouraging them to adopt effective environmental management practices, and by soliciting input from employees, suppliers, and customers on meeting our environmental objectives.

We will continually review opportunities to improve our environmental performance by establishing goals and objectives, and by measuring our progress. Karik Systems makes every effort to be an environmentally responsible business.